Another communication failure.

Many times the EU Commission, in particular Ms. Wallström, has said that the EU communication should be sexier, capable to attract people and in particular young people.

Many times the EU Commission had the opportunities to do that and many times it failed.

Now, again, another great occasion will be thrown away.

From 1st July, thanks to the Commission, price of SMS send and receive inside Europe will be fix at 11 Euro/cents plus IVA (13,2 Euro/cents). Also it will be introduce new parameters for “vocal roaming”, 51,6 cents/minute if you call and 22,8 cents/minute if you receive call.

So money saving for European consumers thanks to the EU.

It could be a great possibility to start with a “sexy campaign” which explains how cool is the EU and also a chance to explain how EU bodies works.

But, as usual, nothing will happen. EU Commission will leave this space to the member states or even worse to the TLC Corporation and Europeans will be convinced that VODAFONE has reduced SMS price.


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