The worst movies are remakes. Barroso’s re-election.

Yesterday “Big Face” Barroso has presented his candidature for second mandate as European Commission President. After the Parliament election his candidature has been stronger than before. Monday morning, during a press conference, Joseph Daul said “the people of Europe approved the actions of the EPP and the actions of Jose Manuel Barroso.” Also it’s important remind that, in the previous month, Big Face matched support from Zapatero, Brown and Socrates.

So future plan for EU it will have other five years with a fearful, silence, non-existent Commission?

Maybe no. Maybe we could see again the same movie of 2004.

Today Greens, Socialist and Liberals have started to join force to sustain another candidate, Belgium’s former Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, who just before the election attacked EU leaders and invite liberals to seek to “move Europe forward”. But Mr. Verhofstadt still maintain a low profile and, for the moment, he prefers to wait for the right moment to present his candidature. His spokesperson Kurt Debuef says today: “He has always said that the worst movies are remakes”.

Two elements could be stop Barroso re-election. First the European Parliament vote is secret and an alliance between ALDE, GREENS and PES could arrive to 294 votes, more than EPP (264 votes).

Second elements is represented by the intention of Sarkozy and Merkel to wait for the new referendum in Ireland for build up a new Commission with more power thanks to the Treaty of Lisbon (if Ireland vote yes). But in this case the new Treaty impose a qualified majority (369 votes) in the Parliament, and it will be impossible to have a majority without EPP.

Next months will be crucial, but at this moment Barroso’s re-election is quite certain.



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