Iceland Elections

228.000 Iceland electors voted yesterday for the new Government, 2 years after the previous elections (won by the conservative parties “Independence Party” leaders by Mr. Geir Haarde) but in particular 6 months after that the countries was affected for the banks crises and consequently substitution of Mr. Haarde with Ms. Sigurdardottir, who lead a minority government with her parties (Social Democrats) and the Left-Greens.
The polls predict a victory for the government alliance; it will be the first time, since the end of the Second World War, that the Independence Party doesn’t win the election. The polls give the Social democrats between 27 and 29 per cent and the Left-Greens from 25% to 27%. The Independence Party will become the third force with 23% and the central Progressive party will obtain 12.5%.
Obviously the electoral debate had been dominated for the economic issue. The country still leaving in a deep crisis. All the banks are nationalized for the government. In the last 6 months all the most important Iceland banks are nationalized, the inflation is around 15% and the unemployment rate is at 9% when normally it was between one and three percent. Obviously the electoral debate has been dominated for the economic issue but in particular the question of whether to join the European Union has utterly dominated. For the Social Democrats Party, the only one strongly favor to the EU access, the membership to the EU is the best solutions to preserve, on long term, the country Iceland against future economic crises and also the only to join into the Euro Area permit to rebuild national economic.
On April 21st Ms. Sigurdardottir said that “It is important to apply for (EU) membership right away, so that people can see what we can get,” and also she added “I predict that in four years we will have adopted the Euro”.
But the possibility of the Iceland join to the EU still very few. The other political parties still eurosceptic also the Left-Greens Movement. However the party has left the door open to membership in saying that it would support a referendum on whether to start negotiations on entry with the EU and a second referendum on whether to join. Also the public opinion is not completely convinced. Standing on a March pool 64.2% of Icelanders is agree to open the negotiation with the EU but only the 39.7% is in favor to became also EU citizens. In particular the largest problem is the European Union’s fishing quota policy who will affect significantly the Iceland’s economy where the fishing industry makes up 36.6 percent of the country’s total exports.


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